Achievement Award

- For one person who has made a significant contribution to the development of a society or geotechnical engineering. Exception on resigning president

2021 (37th Annual General Meeting)

Kwon, Ho Jin (Gwangju University)

2020 (Fall Geotechnical Engineering Conference / Online)

Jeong, Sang Seom (Yonsei University) Lee, Sang Duk (Ajou University)

2019 (35th Annual General Meeting)

An, Sang Yong (Chunil Engineering Co., Ltd.)

2018 (34th Annual General Meeting)

Choi, Yong Kyu (Kyungsung University)

2017 (33rd Annual General Meeting)

Lee, Jeung-ki (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

2016 (32nd Annual General Meeting)

Chung, Sung-Gyo (Dong-A University)

2015 (31st Annual General Meeting)

Lee, Seung Ho (Sangji University)

2014 (30th Annual General Meeting)

Lee, Song (University of Seoul) Shin, Hee Soon (Konyang University) Lee, In Mo (Korea University) Bae, Gyu Jin (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Koh, Kyung Hwan (Samsung C&T Corporation)  

2013 (29th Annual General Meeting)

Jang, Yeon Soo (Dongguk University)

2012 (28th Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Soo Sam (Land & Housing Institute)

2011 (27th Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Hong Taek (Hongik University)

2010 (26th Annual General Meeting)

Choi, Jung Bum (Saegil Engineering & Consulting Co., LTD.) Chung, Chul Ho (Cheongseok Engineering Co., LTD.) Jeong, Jinseop (Wonkwang University) Lee, In Keun (Seoul Metropolitan Government) Chang, Pyoung Wuck (Seoul National University) Jeon Yongbaek (Daegu University) Hong, Won Pyo (Chung-Ang University)

2009 (25th Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Young Yoon (Bokang Technology Co., Ltd.) Ahn, Jongpil (Chosun University) Yoo, Nam Jae (Kangwon National University) Choi, Kye Shik (Korea Institute Construction Safety Technology) Kim, Ingyun ((Former) Daewoo Engineering) Ju, Jae Woo (Sunchon National University)

2008 (24th Annual General Meeting)

Lee, Jae Hyun (Pyeongwon Engineering Co., Ltd.) HYUN SUNG, YANG (Tiko ANC Co., Ltd.) Shim, Jae-koo (Technical Office Standard ENG) Ihm, Chol Woong (Sangji ENG) Mok, Young Jin (Kyunghee University) Lee, Eunsoo (Bokang Technology Co., Ltd.) Park, Chan Ho (Yugu Engineering)

2007 (23rd Annual General Meeting)

Lee, Chong Kyu (Dankook University) Baik, Young Shik (Kyunghee University) Kim, Soo il (Yonsei University) Kim, Myoung Mo (Seoul National University) Chun, Byung Sik (Hanyang University)

2006 (22nd Annual General Meeting)

Kang, Byung Hee (Inha University) Kim, Sang Kyu (Dongguk University) Hwang, Jeonggyu (Hongik University) Chung, Hyung Sik (Hanyang University)

2004 (20th Annual General Meeting)

Jin, Byeongik ((Former) Korean Geotechnical Society) Hong, Sung Wan (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology)