Technical Award

- For three or less persons who have contributed significantly to the technological development of geotechnical engineering

2021 (37th Annual General Meeting)

Choi, Jin O (EPS Engineering Co., Ltd.) Ahn, Min Hong (Seum-Tech Co., Ltd.) Jung, Kyoung Sik (S-TECH Consulting group)

2020 (Fall Geotechnical Engineering Conference / Online)

Han, Sang Jae (Expert Group For Earth & Environment) Kim, Duk Yong (GT ENC Co., Ltd.)

2019 (35th Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Dong-Jun (Min Engineering Co., Ltd.) Kim, Sun-bin (Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology)

2018 (34th Annual General Meeting)

Kang, Jae Mo (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Kim, Young Geun (Kunhwa Engineering & Consulting) Kim, Taek-Kon (SK ecoplant CO. LTD.) Mun, Hong-Nyeon (ESCO Consultant & Engineers Co., Ltd) Bae, Kyung Tae (Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.) Yang, Ku-seung (Dasan Engineering co., Ltd.) Gigwon Hong (Daehan Corporation Co., Ltd.)

2017 (33rd Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Dae Young (Hyundai Engineering & Construction) Kim, Dohyung (Samsung C&T Corporation) kim, sung-su (Musung Construction Co., Ltd.) Kim Hong Yeon (Sambu Construction Co., Ltd.) Nam, Moon Sek (Korea Expressway Corporation) Pakr, Lee-Keun (Geo R&D) Park, Jong-Sik (Hanwha Engineering&Construction) Yu, Nam-jae (Korea Conformity Laboratories) Ryu, Yongsun (Chemius Korea.,Ltd.) Lee, Jae Ho (GS E&C Corp) Cho, Sung Won (SK ecoplant Co. Ltd.) Choi, Bong Hyuck (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Korea Expressway Corporation Super Long Bridge Project Team

2016 (32nd Annual General Meeting)

Choi, Chang Ho (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Kim, Ju Hyong (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Sun, Chang-Guk (Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources) Yun, Sang Muk (Soiltech Engineering) Kim, Ki Seog (Heesong Geotech)

2015 (31st Annual General Meeting)

Park Tae Soo (NEO TRANS) Kim, Sang Su (Futureeng Co., Ltd.) Heo, Nam Tae (Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.) Choi, Young Geun (Icontec Enc) Lee, Cheolhun (Korea East·West Power Co., Ltd.) Kim,Young-Joon (Teso Engineering) Choi, Seung-chul (Korea Water Resources Corporation) Kwon, Ohyeok (Korea Rail Network Authority) Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement Korea Foundation Technology Co., Ltd. Teso Engineering

2014 (30th Annual General Meeting)

Park, Jong Ho (PYONGHWA GEOTEC) Lee Taek (Incheon Metropolitan Government) Hwang, Young Chul (Yooshin Engineering Corporation) Park, Yong Sik (Korea Expressway Corporation) Park, Soo Yong 손이정 (롯데건설) Kang, Hyoo Taek (Dongbu Engineering Co., Ltd.) CHO Hyun (Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.)

2013 (29th Annual General Meeting)

Park, Kyung Ho (Hyundai Engineering & Construction) Choi, Byung Hee (Korea Expressway Corporation) Lee, Jung Jae (S-TECH Consulting group) DASAN CONSULTANTS CO., LTD.

2012 (28th Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Nag Young (Korea Expressway Corporation) Jung, Seung Yong (Expert Group For Earth & Environment) Shin, Seungmock (Saegil Engineering & Consulting Co., Ltd.) KIM, YOUNG CHIN (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Korea Expressway Corporation SOOSUNG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.

2011 (27th Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Jin-sun (Sambu Construction Co., Ltd.) Cho, Sung Han (GS E&C Corp) Lee, Wonje (Load Test Korea) ESCO Consultant & Engineers Co., Ltd

2010 (26th Annual General Meeting)

Lee, Sang Heon (Dasan Engineering co., Ltd.) Hwang, Seon Keun (Korea Railroad Research Institute) Yea,Geu Guwen (Sambu Construction Co., Ltd.) Kang, Inkyu (Veniel Consulting Co., Ltd.) Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. You, Byung Ok (Korea Expressway Corporation)

2009 (25th Annual General Meeting)

Sim, Dong Hyun (Hyundai Engineering & Construction) Nam, Seon Woo (Earth Sarang Engineering) Nam, Soon Sung (EJtech)

2008 (24th Annual General Meeting)

Lee, Choong Ho (R-GEO Co., Ltd.) Kim, Hak Chung (Shinwoo Geo ENG) Hwang, Je-Don (ESCO Consultant & Engineers Co., Ltd)

2007 (23rd Annual General Meeting)

Lee, Chong Kyu (Dankook University) HK GEOTECH Park, Han-Gyu (Korea Water Resources Corporation) Oak, Chi Nam (Oreum Corporation Co., Ltd.) Lee, Yong Jae (Sambu Construction Co., Ltd.) CHUNG, KOOYOUNG (Casey ENC Co., Ltd.)

2006 (22nd Annual General Meeting)

Korea Boring Grouting Works Business Council Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. Han, Woo Sun (Marine Environment Industry Co., Ltd.) Nam, Hyun Woo (Seoyoung Engineering)

2005 (21st Annual General Meeting)

Teso Engineering Seokjeong Construction Co., Ltd.

2004 (20th Annual General Meeting)

Chung, Chul Ho (YookyungENC) Lee, Myung Whan (File Tech) Chung, Seonggi (Busan Metropolitan City) Samsung Construction Co., Ltd.