Special Award

- For two or less persons who have donated to the operation of the KGS or greatly enhanced the status of the Society

2022 (38th Annual General Meeting)

Jang, Jeong Wook (Changwon National University)

2021 (37th Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Young Geun (Kunhwa Engineering & Consulting) Song, Chung Rak (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

2020 (Fall Geotechnical Engineering Conference / Online)

Chung, Jin Ho (Pukyong National University) Chang, Yong Chai (Mokpo National Maritime University)

2018 (34th Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Dong Soo (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Yoo, Chung Sik (Sungkyunkwan University) Yoo, Han Kyu (Hanyang University) Lee, Seong Won (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Lee, Woo Jin (Korea University) Chung, Moonkyung (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Chung, Choong Ki (Seoul National University) Hwang, Je-Don (ESCO Consultant & Engineers Co., Ltd)

Dasan Engineering co., Ltd./DL E&C/Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd./Doosan Engineering & Construction/LOTTE ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION/Veniel Consulting Co., Ltd./Samsung C&T Corporation/Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co,. Ltd./Saegil Engineering & Consulting Co., LTD.

SOLETANCHE/ C&H Inc/SK ecoplant Co. Ltd./ESCO Consultant & Engineers Co., Ltd/Incheon International Airport/Expert Group For Earth & Environment

GS E&C Corp/KDC/Taeyoung Construction Co., Ltd.)/Pyeongwon Engineering Co., Ltd./POSCO E&C/Korea Expressway Corporation/Korea Water Resources Corporation/KEPCO Research Institute

Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources/Korea Land & Housing Corporation/Hanwha Engineering&Construction/Hyundai Engineering & Construction/Heesong Geotech

2017 (33rd Annual General Meeting)

Kang, Moon Ki (Hanju ENC Co., Ltd.) YOO KI CHEONG (Geotechnical Research Institute, Korea Geotechnical Society) Lee, Sang Heon (Dasan Engineering co., Ltd.) Lee, Yongsoo (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology)

2016 (32nd Annual General Meeting)

Yoon, Tae Gook (Korea Infrastructure Safety Corporation)

2015 (31st Annual General Meeting)

Yang, Tae Seon (Kimpo University) Jo, Sung Min (Pyeongwon Engineering Co., Ltd.) Song, Pyung Hyun (Sail Geotech Co., Ltd.)

2014 (30th Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Dong Soo (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Nam, Soon Sung (EJtech)

Kim, Manhwan ((Former) Korea Geotechnical Society)

2013 (29th Annual General Meeting)

Shin, Seungmock (Saegil Engineering & Consulting Co., LTD.) Yoo, Chung Sik (Sungkyunkwan University)

Jung, Seung Yong (Expert Group For Earth &; Environment)

Incheon National University / Kim, Dong Soo (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)/Joh, Sung Ho (Chung-Ang University)

2012 (28th Annual General Meeting)

Choi, Yong Kyu (Kyungsung University) Kim, Hyung Min (Geoeng Co., Ltd.)

2011 (27th Annual General Meeting)

Choo, Jae Keon (Dasan Engineering co., Ltd.) Yoo Ki Cheong (Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.) Ryu, Jeong Soo (Veniel Consulting Co., Ltd.) Korea Association of Professional Engineers in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

2010 (26th Annual General Meeting)

Bae, Gyu Jin (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Ahn, Sang Ro (Korea Authority of Land & Infrastructure Safety) Kim, Jinyeong (Incheon Metropolitan City) Cho, Sam-Deok (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) Kim, Gyo Won (Kyungpook National University)

2009 (25th Annual General Meeting)

Koh, Kyung Hwan (Samsung C&T Corporation) Kim, Jae Kwon (Doosan Engineering & Construction) Kim, Dong-min (Korea Engineering Consultants Corp) Yoo,Chung Sik (Sungkyunkwan University) Shin, Eun Chul (Incheon National University)

2008 (24th Annual General Meeting)

Korea National Railway Korea Infrastructure Safety Corporation The Technical Committee of Slope Stability The Technical Committee of Foundations The Technical Committee of Offshore & Coastal Engineerin

2007 (23rd Annual General Meeting)

Kwon, Gitae Kim, Joo Bum (Korea Construction Safety Association) Lee, Li Hyung (CHUNGWOON UNIVERSITY) Chon, Chun Su (Daewoo Engineering) Choi, Jung Kuen (NAMWON CITY)

2006 (22nd Annual General Meeting)

Kim, Soo Sam (Hanyang University) Shin, Bang Woong (Chungbuk National University) Park, Byong Kee (Chonnam National University) Park, Sung Zae (Pusan National University)