Guidelines for the Technical Committees

  1. The guidelines cover Art.13 of KGS operation rules to set the committee's activities and to enhance the efficiency of committee's operation

  2. In principle, the activities bring a better understanding of the state-of-the-art technology in the field of geotechnical engineering through discussion, presentation, site-inspection and joint research.

  3. KGS has the following 16 committees established to operate

    - Foundations
    - Slope Stability
    - Soft Ground Improvement
    - Rock & Geology
    - Ground Excavation
    - Soil Dynamics & Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
    - Ground Investigation
    - Convergence Geo-technique & IT
    - Offshore & Coastal Engineering
    - Geo-synthetics
    - Tunnel
    - Dams & Levees
    - Hazard Prevention
    - Energy & Plant Engineering
    - Geoenvironmental Engineering
    - Geomechanics & Unsaturated Soil

  4. The committee builds a basic working structure by appointing the chairperson, managers and if needed, the committee runs the sub-operating committee

    • The president appoints the chairperson nominated by the committee
    • The chairperson appoints managers of the committee
    • The chairperson's term of service is 2 years and can not be re-elected. If the chairperson takes over in the middle of the ex-president's term, after the end of the term, the chairperson can be re-elected
    • The committee asks the president to nominate candidates by the end of Feb.,the election year
    • Candidates for presidency of the committee can be elected by the majority of its members or 20 members present at a meeting

  5. The committee members are composed of the following rules

    • KGS members are entitled to apply to the committee
    • New members are able to join less than 4 separate committees any time and the existing members re-submit an application to extend as a member of the committee by the end of Dec. every year

  6. Three ways to take operation expenses

    • KGS on its own supports part of the expenses
    • Events hosted by KGS support the expenses with admission fees
    • The committee submits details of the expenses to KGS and then KGS comes in to take full care of the expenses

  7. The committee holds the following activities

    • The committee opens a discussion, seminar, conference, site-inspection, joint research among members and by the end of every Dec., presents a business plan for next year and once the business plan gets through a strict examination, the plan takes effect next year
    • In advance, at least 3 months ago, managing directors and the committee check business plans together to avoid having the same items of the plan
    • The committee has control over publishing the collections of papers but the academic managing director and the committee pre-arrange a meeting to discuss if the collections violate the format of presenting papers
    • To establish and operate the committee advisor's meeting

  8. Additional case

    If the guidelines do not cover some cases, the operation rules or board of directors take care of additional cases

  9. Additional rules

    • The rules take effect after Jan. 29, 1996- Sub section3
    • The rules take effect after May 23, 2005- Sub section3
    • The rules take effect after Dec. 28, 2007- Sub section3
    • The rules take effect after Apr. 21, 2008- Sub section3
    • The rules take effect after Apr. 10, 2009- Sub section3
    • The rules take effect after Apr. 10, 2009- Sub section5(Art.2)