Staff Positions and Responsibilities


  • Oversees relations with Governmental offices and regular business procedures.
  • Procure contracted research and funds.
  • Examines accounting transactions.
    - Fund management / general accounting
  • Handles Secretariat-related affairs.

General manager

  • Publication of papers
    - Editors’ meeting, submission & evaluation of papers, proofreading, publication
  • Special edition’s publication of KGS papers(submitted papers for fall conference)
  • Publication of IJGE(International Journal of Geo-Engineering) and push forward SCI-E quarterly publications
  • Publication of KGS monthly journals
    - Fund management/general accounting
    - Ask around to write a preface
  • Conferences
    - Submission of papers(Oral & poster presentation/session formation)
    - Sell booths to participants, install posters, look for souvenirs
    - Collection of abstracts, CD production
    - Write, proofread and print leaflets and programs
    - Organize proceedings and give instructions to convene a meeting
    - Manage conference venues
    - Work a number out based on conference budget
  • Upload monthly collected papers at NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Deal with international affairs(ISSMGE, conclusion of the MOU) and International societies(ICSMGE, IYGEC, YGEC)

Assistant manager

  • Publication of KGS journals
    - Submission of manuscripts, editing meeting, proofreading, printing, work progress
  • Official member & special member, ISSMGE membership management
    - Send out official letters & documents to collect membership fees
  • Publish proceedings of the general meeting and deal with a power of attorney
  • Biannual Publication of a membership list
  • Write and send out the newsletter(every 1st and 15th of the month)
  • Homepage management
    - Data updates(revision and supplement), posting of announcements, KGS newsletter, and upload collection of papers
  • Conferences
    - Pre-registration and onsite registration


  • Reference room management
    - Manage office data and sell books
    - Homepage reference room: KGS newsletters, collection of papers & conference submitted papers, update of a list of KGS materials
  • Accounting and document tasks
    - Send out bills, receipts and keep books up to date
    - Mail official documents, applications and office work
  • The technical committee management
    - Support the committee’s seminar and make calculations
    - The committee-related affairs
  • Advertisement
    - Bring in advertisement for biannual conference
    - Bring in advertisement for monthly KGS newsletter’Jiban’
  • Arrangements for a board meeting and presidential meeting
  • Conference
    On-site registration, etc.