KGS maintains 16 technical- and 5 research-, and 7 regional & other technical- committees, covering all areas in geotechnical engineering. Each committee is as listed below. The roles of the technical and research committees are to a) promote close collaboration between researchers and practitioners in various fields and b) disseminate state-of-the-art technology into current practice. The regional & other technical committees aim to exchange local issues and to collaborate among researchers. In addition, KGS is encouraging the participation of female geotechnical engineers by organizing the Geo-Women committee for women. Each committee is organized and maintained independently, holding regular seminars and other research activities. In addition, inter-committee research seminars and meetings are regularly organized to exchange the new ideas and promote inter-committee research.

Technical committees (Please click on each committee for details)


Slope Stability

Soft Ground Improvement

Rock & Geology Ground Excavation

Soil Dynamics & Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Ground Investigation

Convergence Geo-technique & IT

Offshore & Coastal Engineering



Dams & Levees

Hazard Prevention

Energy & Plant Engineering

Geoenvironmental Engineering

Geomechanics & Unsaturated Soil

Rock Mass & Geology

Research committees (Please click on each committee for details)

Frost Geotechnics

Limit State Design

Electric Power Structures

Transportation Geotechincs

Railroad Geotechnics

Regional & other technical committees (Please click on each region for details)

Gangwon (Korea)

Gwangju-Honam (Korea)

Incheon (Korea)

Daejeon-Chungcheong (Korea)

Daegu-Gyungbuk (Korea)

North America (USA)