The story of KGS symbol

When and Who won this competition for the symbol

In 1987, an ad for the symbol was posted to the public in Geotechnical Engineering's March and June newsletter two times and the prize-winning symbol appeared on the cover of Geotechnical Engineering's Sep. issue. Board members pick out the eye-catching symbol among 20 entries and the prize winner was Earth Structure & Foundation Engineering Research Division of KICT(Korea Institute of Construction Technology.

Description of the symbol

The circle and blue colour outside the centered white portion stand for the earth and underground space. Moreover, the Chinese character '土' is engraved in the circle to combine the meaning this character gives with Geotechnique. (土 in Chinese means soil)

Besides '土's geotechnique meaning, more precisely into '土', the vertical part of 土 simplifies 'post' and the horizontal part of 土 simplifies 'water surface', 'vibration'. In a broad sense, Geotechnique is easily well described.

Initially, KSGE (Korean Society Geotechnical Engineering) was written in the horizontal part to express participation in the flow of other international geotechnical societies. As of the 11th of June, 1991, the title of KSGE changed to KGS (Korean Geotechnical Society). As a result, the letters 'KSGE' were removed and the symbol's shape has been unchanged since then.