Operation Rules for an Estimated Cost

The rules for an estimated cost to run the technical committee including a conference

  • A conference hosted by the committee does not take any advertisement
  • Two hundred million won is allocated to support the committee's expenses annually. If the committee that brings in notable outcomes claims another fifty million won, the committee will be funded after examining a claim
  • To claim extra financial support, the following items: a record of its activities, committee's results of a conference, managing directors and the size of a committee members, publications of a committee are examined
  • The appraisal committee is composed of a business managing vice-president and its managing directors
  • Less than 30% of the subsidized cost can be processed to pay printing costs and receipts for printing have to be submitted to KGS
  • When more than 3 technical committees co-host a conference, each committee is given credit as its own conference but the host printed on a conference pamphlet becomes KGS