President's Message

KGS truly welcomes everyone to our homepage.

Korean Geotechnical Society(KGS) has served public benefits with its purpose to advance geotechnical engineering in academic and technical sense since its foundation in 1986. As of September, 2017, the total number of membership comes to 11,000 individual members; KGS has made its rapid growth in Korea to be recognized as the most active and biggest society in the geotechnical engineering field and keeps growing up to be an international-sized society. For academic activities, KGS publishes its journal in Korean and KGS magazine "Jiban "on a bimonthly basis and also publishes Open Access journal, International Journal of Geo-Engineering (IJGE). KGS has 16 affiliated technical committees, 4 research groups, and 6 special regional committees and actively participates in academic and technical co-operation amongst members by providing biannual conferences in spring and fall, and a variety of workshops and seminars by the technical committees. KGS signed the MOU with Geo-institute from United States and other societies from Japan, China, Vietnam and Kazakhstan. As a result, KGS promotes the interchange of academic ideas and workshops based on exchange visits with the MOU-signed societies. Furthermore, KGS works harder to play host for upcoming international conferences in which renowned geotechnical engineers share their in-depth knowledge on a regular basis in Korea. KGS puts continuous efforts into the advances of geotechnical engineering studies and development, and cultivate geotechnical professionals by providing future-oriented academic activities and international co-operation with other geotechnical engineering societies. Overall, KGS makes a valuable contribution to the national development of Korea. Also, KGS will play a role in opening the door to the public by sharing knowledge, information and hands-on experience in geotechnics with members and any interested non-members. We will make our homepage a place with full of energy where visitors' active participation and practical suggestions come pleasantly together to create the technology development of geotechnical engineering. KGS will provide advanced technology for geotechnical engineers as well as construction and environmental professionals, and KGS is willing to take your valuable inputs in the coming years. We would like members and visitors to give constant interest and support in making a better KGS together. Thank you.

20th President of KGS
Young Uk Kim