Reward & Punishment Committee's Operation Rules

Art.1 (Purpose)

The rules set guidelines to choose KGS award winners as individuals or groups in terms of technical & academic advances in the field of geotechnical engineering. Futhermore, when rasing public issues which involve dishonor behaviour on KGS or violate the objectives of KGS rules, the committee enacts the rules to impose severe disciplinary action on any involved individuals or groups.

Art.2 (Organization)

  • The committee is composed of one chairperson and no more than 15 members and one of its 15 members becomes a secretary.
  • The president appoints the chairperson among its members.
  • The chairperson is the vice president of Academic affairs and the president appoints the secretary among the 15 members.
  • The vice president is responsible for dealing with international affairs, planning & academic research services, paper collections and academic planning, international affairs, Korean paper managing director, and IJGE editing manager in chief turn into ex-officio members. The president appoints auditors and members who are subjected to a strict screening.
  • The chairperson and its members take office for 2 years and the chairperson is ineligible for another 2 year term.
  • If needed, the committee establishes other sub-committees and set detailed rules.

Art.3 (Meeting)

  • The chairperson or more than half of its members are able to convene a meeting
  • To open a meeting, the majority of its members should be present and two thirds of its members are required to reach a resolution.
  • The chairperson does not participate in voting, but has the right to decide in case of an equal number of votes.
  • In principle, a meeting is held behind closed doors.

Art.4 (Types of 6 KGS Special Awards)

  • Achievement award: Members or groups who made contributions to KGS and advances in the Geotechnical engineering field.
  • Academic award: Members or groups who made contributions to the Geotechnical engineering field
  • Technical award: Members or groups who made contributions to advancing the Geotechnical engineering field.
  • Author's award: Members who made contributions to the Geotechnical engineering field through publications.
  • Special award: Members or groups who made contributions to the public in the KGS and its finances.
  • President's award: Members or groups who made contributions to the development of the society.
  • Kim Soo-il memorial award: Members who made great contributions to the development of Geotechnical engineering. Limited to one person each in the academic and technical fields.

Art.6 (Recommendation)

  • The committee posts the recommendation guidelines in Jiban's Dec. issue and in the KGS homepage.
  • The general secretary recommends three nominees for the Korean Journal award, IJGE award and YGE Journal award in the order of the highest scorer by calculating each paper score according to the criteria.
  • At least three nominees must be nominated for the KGS award.
  • The Kim Soo-il memorial award is divided into the academic and technology awards and the nominee is recommended for each award.

Art.7 (Determination)

  • Award candidates are selected through a rigorous examination of those recommended in accordance with Art 6. The award-winning candidates are selected and reported to the president. The meeting for choosing the winner is held behind closed doors and any matters related to the discussion, deliberation and procedures shall not be announced.
  • The nominees recommended by the president become the winners by approval from the board of directors. If the board of directors is unable to find suitable winners, there will be no winners.
  • Unless there are any unforseen circumstances, a list of the winners' names are posted on the KGS homepage before the annual general meeting takes place. 3. KGS lecture winner must attend the academic conference held immediately after the award and give a lecture and submit the paper in the KGS journal (Korean or English).
  • In the screening of candidates for the Kim Soo-il memorial award, at least two persons who can represent the Kim Soo-il’s family and his disciple must be included.

Art.8 (Double awards)

The same achievement cannot result in multiple awards for the same year and the same award cannot be awarded to the same person within three years, excluding IJGE Award.

Art.9 (Prize giving)

  • Prize giving events take place at the spring general meeting every year.
  • Prizes are awarded in the form of a plaque or award certificate and additional prizes can be awarded. If the winner of the KGS Lecture resides abroad, a predetermined airfare and accommodation fee may be paid for the implementation of Article 7.
  • The Kim Soo-il memorial award is awarded with a plaque and prize for each field. The size of the prize is decided by the reward and punishment committee and approved by the board of directors.
  • If the prize winner doesn't take his or her award for 6 months, the prize giving is cancelled. Furthermore, if fabrication or plagiarism has been found afterwards, the award may be revoked anytime afterwards.
  • If the KGS lecture winner does not comply with Article 7, the award will be cancelled.

Art.10 (Disciplinary action)

The committee suggests possible means of punishing any members who bring dishonor behavior on KGS or violate the objectives of KGS rules and the board of directors push forward its suggestions

Additional rules

Revisions to the rules- The board of directors are able to have the rules revised through reaching a resolution.

Exceptions- If any affairs have nothing to do with the Reward & Punishment rules, the articles of association and KGS operation rules follow.

  • The rules take effect after Dec. 1st, 2005
  • The rules take effect after Apr. 27th, 2007
  • The rules take effect after Sep. 10th, 2010
  • The rules take effect after May 21st, 2011
  • The rules take effect after Aug. 22nd, 2016
  • The rules take effect after Jun. 7th, 2018
  • The rules take effect after Feb. 3rd, 2020
  • The rules take effect after Aug. 10th, 2020